Best Trends Of The Week

Best Trends Of The Week

Modern day living is so fastpaced, you need a race car just to keep up with it all.

Thankfully, we did that for you. Yeah! We bought the race car and caught up with what the world is doing.

Now, you get it all right here!

First up, we take a look at Jonathan Simkhai and how he knew he wanted to spend his life as a Designer.

The first time I knew I wanted to be a designer: At age 14 when I worked at a local boutique doing the window displays.

My first sketch was of: A blazer with a mini skirt.

The first thing I ever designed was: A dress for my friend that I made by deconstructing my own shirt.

My first mentor was: Susan Joy.

My first show at New York Fashion Week was in: Fall 2011.

The first celebrity to ever wear my designs: Drew Barrymore wearing a dress she bought herself.

The first lesson I learned the hard way: Spending too much time on one design. An overworked piece is never a good thing. You have to know when to move on.

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